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Reflecting on 2021, and Important Changes for KelZo in 2022...

Reflecting on 2021, and Important Changes for KelZo in 2022...

Versand am Dezember 30 2021, Artikel von Kelly and Zoey Allen

Reflecting on 2021, and Important Changes for KelZo in 2022...

Well, what a year 2021 has been, eh? We've spent the year working non-stop building KelZo and improving our products along the way. We looked back recently at some items made a year ago, and the improvement was amazing to see!

We hope you have seen a change too, even if we do have a soft spot for those early days of jewellery making...

During the festive period we've had a lot to think about and because we are very against self-employed burn-out, we're changing things up for 2022. 


Important Change for KelZo in 2022

We are changing a few things in 2022, so here is a detailed list of how we're moving forward. We hope you will support us in creating a balanced lifestyle for ourselves and our family.

Working Hours

When you go into full time self-employment, you think it's going to work around the rest of your life. And for a lot of it, it can, but at the same time it's harder to draw a line under a day at work, it's harder to switch off from messages and emails when you're not based in an office all week or have a job that strictly finishes at 5pm. We ended up working 24/7 in 2021, with no switch off, so this was one part of life we needed to change going into 2022. 

So, going forward, we will only be replying to emails and direct messages Monday to Saturday between 10am and 6pm. Sunday will be our dedicated rest day as a family, although we may still post to Instagram if something important is coming up.

We're also moving studios this year, and with it comes some changes. We will no longer be open on set days, and collection of orders (when they resume) will be strictly by prior arranged time and place (our new studio). We will also advertise studio/shop open days on our Instagram account, so follow us here to keep up to date with everything. 



We have been running ourselves ragged trying to ship parcels out every single day to maintain a speedy turnaround (even though once they've left us, we have zero control over how long it takes for them to reach you) and it's left us exhausted.

This year we will have 2 dedicated shipping days:

  • Tuesday morning
  • Friday morning

This will commence from February, as we have a hectic January so we cannot guarantee these exact days. One things for sure, it won't be every day anymore.

We're also offering a tracked service as of 2022, so if you are keen to have tracking information, this option is for you. It will be more expensive, but if it's the type of postage you prefer, it makes sense to invest in it. 


Collection Service

Our collection service is currently on pause due to Covid, but we will let you know when it resumes. We ask that if you place more than one order, you speak to us first re: choosing collection, as we cannot guarantee the extra items will fit into your original box. 

Collection will only be available on the days we are at the studio - Monday, Thursday, Saturday between 11-5pm.


Custom Orders

We are a nightmare pair at saying yes to everything, so the new custom order rules are very much needed going into 2022. We love making unique pieces for you, so please keep them coming, just remember our new and updated custom order rules...

  • Custom orders will be made on Thursday's only
  • Custom orders will have a minimum 2 week turnaround (to allow for making and glazing time)
  • Each custom item has a minimum charge of £3, depending on the item required - this will be discussed and agreed prior to payment and making
  • Payment for custom orders is required in advance, once the project has been agreed by both parties


Special Requests

We are often asked for special requests that don't usually fall into the custom order category. Things like, swapping studs out for hooks or making an item into something else completely. We usually do this as a goodwill gesture, but it takes time and energy, so these requests will now have a fee of £2 (minimum, depending on the request). This decision will be made on a case by case basis and agreed by both parties.



We manage a lot of requests via our personal or Our Transitional Life account and we respond, which is totally on us. Moving forward, we'll be redirecting these requests to KelZo email or direct messaging. 

This change means we will be able to keep track of all messages and requests, so we won't be falling over ourselves or forgetting you!



Launches will occur in the same way each month. Yes, we have a launch a month this year, eek!

The day before every launch, our site will shut for maintenance. The next day all email subscribers will receive a password to shop our launch ahead of everyone else (and they always receive a little treat for being part of the KelZo Community).

The website will then open to the public at 6pm, and the launch will commence!

We will also go live at 6pm on social media to talk through the collection and how we created it, so if you're on the fence about certain items, you can see them on us or up close on the live.


Weekly Lives

From February we will aim to host a weekly live on Instagram at 2pm every Thursday. This gives us a chance to show you what we're working on and have a nice little catch up!

We hope to see you there :)

Newsletter Information

By signing up to our newsletter, you will be the first to know about any important changes and also received early access to launches, special discounts and more. It really is a great way to keep in touch and be ahead of the crowd.



We've updated our policies so you can keep on top of how KelZo works...

  • Care Guide
  • Returns Policy
  • Privacy
  • Postage


Thank you so much for reading this, we understand it's packed full of information, but we like to be transparent and we also wanted to share our balanced work/life plan for 2022!

Happy New Year!

Love KelZo xxxx