Collection: Incognito Pride

We decided to create a Pride Incognito Collection this year. This collection is born from a place of hope and love. We want everyone to feel they can be who they were always born to be, and be proud of their sexuality and gender.

However, we're not naive when it comes to the dangers of the world. Some people aren't out because they're not ready, but also some people just aren't safe to be out. 

These items exist to help those people celebrate who they are, without worry or jeopardising their safety. 

You can be proud to be queer without being in danger. 

These items are also for anyone who loves them, but we feel it's important to explain the reason behind the collection.

We hope one day these items will be worn just because people love them, and not because people have to hide their identity.

We hope you find peace and joy with this range...

Love Kelly & Zoey x

Incognito Pride

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